Welcome to Traumasavers Center

Trauma Savers Life Support is deemed to be a non-profit organization that is intended to help Youths (girls/boys) who have major issues with drug/marijuana misusage. Our program is designed to support children, youth and adult who face significant adversity through their thoughts, feelings, behaviors due to drugs. Our team provides a range of assessment, counseling and support. This is a program for the complete abstinence from all drugs. There is only one term to membership: The Desire To Stop Using. We have no initial fees or dues, no pledges. Anyone may join us regardless of age, religion or lack of religion.

Trauma Savers Life Support Foundation is a registered health advocacy establishment aimed at promoting positive progressive health by educating youths on the menace and detrimental effects of drug addiction and overdose. Thus, thereby reduces the incidents of mental health, psychological and behavioral patterns associated with wrongful usage of drugs thereby constituting health challenges to the abundant youths in the society.

The Foundation is an adjunct branch of Dependable Care and Support Services in Ontario, Canada.  Our strategic intent are demonstrated in both our Vision and Mission Statements below:

One of our core areas of specialty is the provision of varied professional health trainings that are aimed at supporting the individuals. Through this the ultimate goal is to completely abandon drug addiction and the possibility of overdose.

Our Vision

“To take care of others with the same level of integrity and care as we would like for ourselves.”

Our Mission

‘’To make available to our clients a pool of trained professionals who are ready and willing to work so that our clients receive the best possible service.’’

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